Time for change

In an effort to ensure that games of chance are conducted in player-friendly environments, the Czech government recently passed legislation that requires all casino operators to implement systems that will allow players to manage their gaming activity and tailor their individual play parameters to their specific needs. We, at American Chance Casinos, welcome these positive changes, which will enhance the gaming experience for you, our valued guest, by providing you with greater control over your gaming experience.

The most significant changes include:

Player Accounts & Cashless Transactions/Gaming

Earlier this year, we introduced a PIN protected Cashless Gaming Players Account Card, which is valid in all our casinos. You need to use this card at ALL Slot Machines, Gaming Tables and the Cash Desk, in order to make any cash transactions.

At the Slot Machines, a PAC must be inserted into the card reader in order for the bill acceptor to be unlocked or for credits to be played directly from your card – remember to EJECT your card when you finish playing.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to play more than one Slot Machine at a time, as your PAC will remain in the Slot Machine during your gaming session.

Any winnings on Slot Machines will be loaded onto your PAC, which you can then insert into another Slot Machine and use your virtual wallet to continue to play. Alternatively, you can take your PAC to the Cash Desk and cash out your winnings or use the credit balance on your PAC for your next visit.

On the Live Game tables, you will still be able to purchase chips with cash, however you must present your PAC to the dealer in order to allow them to record the transaction. When you take your winning chips to the Cash Desk, you can either receive cash or ask for the funds to be loaded onto your PAC.  You will NOT be able to exchange credit from your PAC on the Live Game tables. Instead, you can withdraw cash or purchase non-negotiable chips at the Cash Desk and then purchase chips to play at the table of your choice.

Responsible Gaming

When the new Gaming Law comes into force in January 2018, all new casino players must register with a valid ID. All non-Czech resident visitors will be issued with a Temporary 90-day Player Account.

You will also be offered to OPT IN or OPT OUT from setting up basic Self Restricting Measures (SRM) in line with new Responsible Gaming regulations.

Under the new gaming law, there will be a maximum continuous playing time on Slot Machines of 120 minutes before a mandatory pause, lasting a minimum of 15 minutes, must be taken.

Improved Rewards Program

Your PAC also doubles as your Improved Rewards Program, which replaces the previous Premium Players Club (PPC).

All your Slot Machine activity in the casino can be counted towards earning Reward Points, which can then be played as cashable credit on any Slot Machine or used to purchase non-gaming products, such as merchandise, F&B services etc.

Every 100 Points earned has a ‘real value’ of 1 €. You will also receive Reward Points
for your visits, birthday, non-gaming purchases in the casinos, and more.


At ACC, we understand that this time of change might be confusing but please be rest assured that we are here to help. These new processes are legal requirements for us, as Operators, which are designed to allow you tailor your gaming activity to your individual needs, and we will try to do our best so as not to affect your enjoyment of your regular visits to our casinos.

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