Going Green for Better Rewards

At each of our casinos, during August, we will be installing cashless gaming and replacing TITO.
In conjunction with this upgrade, you will be issued a brand new Player Account Card (PAC), which you
will need to use to access all Slot Machines. The card will also double as your new Rewards Card. 

All of our staff have undertaken extensive training to help ensure a smooth transition to the new systems, and we will do our best so as not to affect your enjoyment of your regular visits to your favourite casino. So, please ask away should you have any questions about the new PAC system.

Attention! Due to the installation of a new Casino System, please bring your ID (passport or National ID card) for your FIRST visit after 21.8.2017. Thank you for your cooperation. 

To speed up the registration process, please fill in the registration form in advance and bring to the reception:
RegistratioN [PDF]

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