How old do you have to be to visit American Chance Casino?
Everyone over the age of 18 can visit American Chance casino.
Do I need to carry any ID when I visit the casino?
Yes, for registration in our casino a valid ID card, driving licence or passport is required.
What if I don’t know the rules of games?
Our friendly members of staff will be happy to answer any questions about our games.
Can I park at American Chance Casino?
Yes, you can park directly in front of our casino. Parking is free of charge.
Can anyone join the Loyalty program?
All players who visit the casino join our unique reward program on registration. Once you complete our registration form and show valid ID you will you receive your Player Account Card (PAC). Your PAC doubles as your cashless wallet and loyalty card. You earn Points while you play and can then use these on the slot machines to play or cash them out for money.
Do I need to be a member to visit?
All persons wishing to enter the casino must complete a registration form and sign an AML (anti money laundering) declaration. Valid ID is necessary.
When is the Casino open?

daily nonstop

Live Games
daily nonstop

Is there an entry fee?

Entry is free.

Players may pay a 'cover charge'  of 10 €  for the consumption of food and drinks during their stay in the casino.

Where is American Chance casino?
The casino is located in the shopping and recreation park Excalibur City in Chvalovice-Hatě, near the Austrian border crossing of Kleinhaugsdorf.  You can find more information in “How to find us”.