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American Chance Casinos (ACC) is the casino division of Trans World Hotels & Entertainment (TWHE), a Czech subsidiary of the United States based Trans World Corporation (TWC). With a history dating back to 1995, the company owns and operates three casinos, which are located in Česká Kubice, Hatě and Dolní Dvořiště in the Czech Republic close to the borders of Germany and Austria.

ACC provides a unique casino experience to its clientele and strives to offer a fun and memorable gaming experience with friendly and professional services set within a fashionable and contemporary styled atmosphere. The company prides itself on managing its casinos efficiently and in conformity with all legal regulations and ethical considerations.

TWHE also owns and operates five hotels under the Trans World Hotels (TWH) brand, which are located in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.  TWH’s Hotel Savannah is situated adjacent to ACC’s Route 59 Casino in Hatě, 60km north of Vienna, while the company's newest acquisition, Hotel Donauwelle, lies on the banks of the Danube in Linz, approximately 30 minutes from ACC’s Route 55 Casino in Dolní Dvořiště. Hotel Columbus, Hotel Auefeld and Hotel Kranichhöhe are all located in Germany close to the cities of Frankfurt, Kassel and Cologne, respectively.

Business Hours 

Slots & Table Games: Nonstop - All Day Every Day


Entry is free.


Soups & Snacks
Weekdays from 12 pm, Weekend from 10 am

Hot Buffet
Daily from 6 pm

Weekdays from 2 am, Weekend from 3 am

For à la carte orders from our menu , please feel free to contact our service staff.

Flatrate offer - for a fee of 10 € you get hot and cold buffet, soft drinks ( excluding Red Bull ), beer and wine (single measures to the value of 3 €)  during your stay at the casino.

Roman Němeček

Roman Němeček

Casino Manager
Tomáš Vacuška

Tomáš Vacuška

Guest Relations Host