Loyalty program

Going Green for better rewards

At each of our casinos we installed cashless gaming and replaced TITO.

In conjunction with this upgrade, you will be issued a brand new Player Account Card (PAC), which you will need to use to access all Slot Machines.

The card will also double as your new Rewards Card, onto which your old Premium Club Card points will be transferred, and you can continue to collect cashable credits to play on the machines.

As this new system will be valid throughout the casino, ALL players will be issued with a new PAC card at reception on their first registration after the Go Live dates in each casino. 

Improved Rewards

Your PAC also doubles as your Improved Rewards Program card, which will replace the current Premium Players Club (PCC).

All of your Slot Machine activity in the casino will be counted towards earning Reward Points, which can then be played as cashable credit on any Slot Machine or used to purchase non-gaming products, such as casino merchandise, F&B services etc.

If you are a member of our current PCC program, do not worry, as your old points will be transferred to the new system on your request

Every 100 Points earned has a ‘real value’ of 1€.

You can easily transfer your earned Reward Points and play them on any Slot Machine using our new, simple user interface, which you will find on each Slot Machine.

In each casino, both our Casino Guest Hosts and Reception staff will be happy to explain to you in more detail how to build your Rewards. Please feel free to ask anytime!