Who we are and where we are heading

We have been providing entertainment and services connected with leisure activities in the world of small to mid-size “best in class” casinos and hotels for 25 years already. During that time, we have developed a reputation as a serious and fair employer, which is reflected in the continuous development and success of the company. This success is also proven by the fact that the casino operations are visited by up to 330,000 customers each year, with almost 34,000 guests being accommodated.

Our vision is to satisfy our players and hotel guests as well as our employees. We offer players and guests of our casinos and four-star hotel, an unforgettable gaming experience, quality services and entertainment in a friendly and safe atmosphere. We reward our employees for the high levels of care and customer service they provide to both players and guests, while at the same time delivering excellent facilities, friendly team atmosphere, career opportunities and many additional work-related benefits.

We understand that the strength of our company in this highly competitive environment is precisely in the quality and professionalism of our employees, hand in hand with modern technologies and “best in class” environment of the operations. We therefore invest not only in modern equipment for the casino and hotel premises but also in the comfort and facilities for our employees.

What can you expect from working with us and our company?

We try to ensure that working for our company provides our employees not only with a source of income, but also with career opportunities, a friendly atmosphere and motivating environment.

You will work according to shift schedules known in advance. Your remuneration will be based on shorter 7.5-hour working days. We permit part-time employment as well as short term contracts. No mother which type of employment relation, we welcome all employees and ages no matter their race, colour, gender. We provide regulatory and increased bonuses for unsociable hours such as night-shift working, during public holidays and over weekends. If there is a requirement for you to work overtime, all hours will be paid at an adequate rate, or you can ask for days in lieu. Our players are generous; certain positions in the casinos are members of the “tip tronc” where tips received from players are divided up at the end of the month and then shared with the employees and you will be fully entitled to keep their tips and gratuities for quality services per internal rules. We also provide a wide range of traditional and non-traditional benefits such as a special Christmas bonus, bonuses for extra activities and events, contributions to leisure sports and cultural activities and you can even have your uniform cleaned before your next shift. Free meals and refreshments during your shift are also an attractive benefit. If you require, we can arrange transportation in our fleet of company vehicles to and from work on standard routes in the locality. Those who use their own vehicle for transportation may park it in the employee car park. You may also take advantage of the accommodation in our newly refurbished staff quarters.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep motivated during a shift, therefore, we provide comfortably equipped and modern staff facilities including a cafeteria, drinks dispenser, TV and Wi-Fi connection for our employees to have a rest and relax during their shift when allowed a break. Thanks to all this, the “job” transforms into a place where employees feel happy at work and in turn are able to provide our players and guests with the high levels of service they are accustomed to.  

Are you looking for a job where you can positively influence your salary depending on your performance and where age is no obstacle? If so, you have found the right employer and the right website. If you are interested in any of the vacancies listed below, you should contact our HR team to arrange a meeting, or you can ask for more detailed information. Have you decided to join us already? Great! Call, write or use the contact form on our website. We will be happy to welcome you to the TWHE family along with 480 already satisfied team members.

 We are currently filling the following positions:

(basic condition for all positions is minimum age 18 years)


Sie suchen die Herausforderung in einem modernen, dynamisch wachsenden Unternehmen? American Chance Casinos sind eine internationale Casinogruppe mit Hauptsitz in New York, USA, und derzeit drei Niederlassungen an der deutsch- und österreichisch-tschechischen Grenze.

Neben einem motivierenden Gehalt bieten wir Ihnen ein ganzes Paket an außerbetrieblichen Zusatzleistungen, wie u.a. kostenlose Verpflegung, Personalwohnungen oder Transport von und zur Arbeit.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung.

Jana Plasová

Jana Plasová

Personnel Administrator
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Ihr Ansprechpartner in unsere Niederlassung Česká Kubice.
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Růžena Müllerová

Leiter der Personalabteilung
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