About Us

American Chance Casinos (ACC), a subsidiary of the United States based Trans World Corporation (TWC), provides a unique casino experience to its clientele. With a history dating back to 1995, the Company operates three casinos which are located in Česká Kubice, Hatě and Dolní Dvořiště in the Czech Republic. ACC strives to offer a fun and memorable gaming experience, friendly and professional services and a fashionable and relaxed American-style atmosphere. The Company prides itself on managing its casinos efficiently and profitably and in conformity with all legal regulations and ethical considerations.

In the competitive entertainment industry, it is extremely important for ACC to perform at the highest levels of professionalism and to provide excellent customer service. If you become a member of the ACC team, your task is to understand that this is our priority. We continually review our customers’ opinions regarding our performance and make every effort to improve wherever and whenever necessary. As an employee and representative of ACC, you will be expected to conduct yourself according to these high standards.

If you can accomplish this and fulfill the other performance goals associated with your position, you can grow professionally and advance your career with ACC. We believe that every employee can contribute to the growth and success of ACC and we hope if you decide to become an employee of our Company, you will be a proud member of our team.

Business Hours 

every day nonstop

Live Games
every day nonstop

Entry Fees

Entry is free.


Soups & Snacks
Mo-Fr from 12 pm, Weekend from 10 pm

Hot Buffet
every day from 6 pm

Mo-Fr from 2 pm, Weekend from 3 pm

Flatrate offer - for a fee of 10 € you get hot and cold buffet, soft drinks ( except Red Bull ), bier, wein and standard spirits during your stay at the casino.

Roman Němeček

Roman Němeček

Casino Manager
Tomáš Vacuška

Tomáš Vacuška

Guest Relations